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Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitted Sheets Takes 4 People!

It takes 4 people to put on fitted sheets! 

Click on the link to watch.

#hilarious @MyHumanCompass these are the types of things many of us have in common

Thursday, August 21, 2014

White Face Should be equal to all Faces

@MyHumanCompass: Powerful interview with David Tuccaro and Rebecca L. Mahan clicklink&clickplayer to hear 

 #Ferguson #MRGFoundation

We  talk about the importance of the MRG Foundation and how it has influenced me and my sister Carole Zoom. I admit having a white face gives me advantages that I should not get. 

We should all be equal in the opportunities we get however a white face as we all know gives a person in the USA and other countries an advantage.  

Let's work together collaborating so that no matter the color of our face each of us has the same opportunity. 

As Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said it's not the color of our face that enables our equal chance of opportunities it's the shape of our character. 

Roy Dan Baron CEO Global Freedom Network International Radio.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network interviews International Director Siam j. Manuels on the movie CULTURE SHOCK!

Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network interviews Director Siam J. Manuels of the new movie Culture Shock


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This is our new movie Culture Shock is coming to a shocking theater near you soon!

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Rallies for freedom in your hometown

We are holding a rally and march for freedom in your hometown and you are in invited.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Global Freedom Network Radio now on APP & website

My Global Freedom Network International Radio is now available to hear on @tunein 

Listen and subscribe to the latest radio shows here!

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Roy Dan Baron Live CEO Global Freedom Network

Hosts Issues Solutions

Friday, August 8, 2014

Culture Shock the Movie!

We discuss the latest Culture Shock the movie being created by King Deng Productions LLC AStringOfWords Social Media LLC Sango Media Group!

Thank you all for your support! Roy Dan Baron

Thank you for your support! This social media isn't just cute puppies & adorable sweet sayings it's about preserving a future for children & children's children #compassion #criticalthinking #freedom #respect #basicneeds #hope #children

Roy Dan Baron 

CEO Global Freedom Network

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Never be afraid to "poke the dog" to wake up the USA system that is currently destroying our civil liberties and inalienable rights!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

USA Political 3RD Party called Compassion

My live Roy Dan Baron UTube interview on the famous Ric Bratton made in America show

I started a USA 3rd party called Compassion @MyHumanCompass 

Roy Dan Bsron

Global Freedom Network International Radio 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

What is My Human Compassion? Ground breaking interview with Music Stars Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney!


More Music Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio

Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network we are interviewing artists Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis who began writing together, they had no idea their casual co-writing experiment would blossom into the much anticipated album The Banner Days (releasing August 23rd on MTS Records). That first night, they wrote “My Beloved” in two hours. And after a few more writing sessions, it was clear to both, that these songs merited a bold decision.

From the first time they played together, along with Beth’s husband/collaborator, Aaron Fishburn, the chemistry has been powerful. The combination of Beth’s delicate, pure, and melodious voice and Bradford’s soulful, growling tone makes for a beautifully heart wrenching harmonious blend.

Their dramatic crescendos, minimalist intensity, through intricate harmonies have elicited comparisons to The Civil Wars, the Swell Season, and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand. Learn more at their websites here:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Humanity a Parasite or Symbiotic?

Is humanity being a parasite or symbiotic? Do we ever die?  What if a gun is placed on my head and I must answer 3 questions to survive?

Learn more "Looking Glass Shattered: Questions & Answers that Heal Old Wounds" available on 

by hearing this ground breaking interview with Author Scholar Philosopher Jeffrey Armstrong! This is one if the best interviews I have ever done.  Click the following link and click the player to hear

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

World Famous Music Jiggley Jones!

Great job today!  Roy Dan Baron GLOBAL FREEDOM NETWORKS 
and guest host Dana Anna Norman with Captivate Now, LLC Here is the link to share

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Hosts Issues Solutions!

We shall talk later!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Author Poet World Traveller Vedic Wisdom Expert Jeffrey Armstrong on Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network

Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network International Radio interview Jeffrey Armstrong who is a Yoga philosopher and inspirational speaker whose keen insights, delivered with humor and compassion, offer solutions to challenges facing our world. He is a Rumi-like poet, best-selling author, Vedic astrologer and scholar. Jeffrey is the founder of Founder of VASA - Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts.

He is an award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books including: Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World. Featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga and 2014 Leo Award documentary ³Take Back Your Power.² Jeffrey is a relationship expert, philosopher, practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 40 years. Learn more about Jeffrey Armstrong at the following website:


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

American Family Dream in Crisis

The following is an interview with Teacher & Mother Hillary on how the American Dream is in crisis in the child protective services, legal system, educational programming, and the heart beat of the family.  We are reviewing the current sufferings and what the solutions are.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blood Natural Resources

We as all 7.2 billion members of the tribe of humanity must do something to help our sisters and brothers in South Sudan and other areas of Africa. The following article compels each of us to readdress all natural resources in a different way: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network: Military Veteran & Movie Actor Scott Levy

Scott Levy is anything but one-dimensional. After graduating from high school in Florida, Scott enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served as a Stinger missile gunner during the Persian Gulf War.
Scott’s love of movies led him to attend Full Sail University where he earned degrees in film production and audio engineering. Scott quickly found himself working for George Lucas as a sound engineer at the legendary Skywalker Ranch. During his time with Skywalker Sound, Scott worked on blockbuster films, Titanic and The Lost World.

Scott turned his attention to acting and relocated to Los Angeles. He quickly earned his memberships into SAG and AFTRA by starring in commercials and feature films. In 2005 Scott played the lead role in The Helix… Loaded (a parody of The Matrix) co-starring Vanilla Ice. On television he has been seen in, The Eric AndrĂ© Show, Sniper: Inside the Crosshairs and many others.

In 2012, Scott added interactive media to his resume and quickly became a video game triple-threat as motion capture, performance capture and vocal talent. He plays “Stump” in EA Games, Medal of Honor: Warfighter as well as Linkin Park’s music video, “Castle of Glass” and “Pike” in Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel.
At present, Scott is as busy as ever. He can be seen in the upcoming films, Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? and Submarine Kid and heard in the video games, Battlefield: Hardline and Devil’s Third. 


Listen To Military Internet Radio Stations with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio

Roy Dan Baron Live: Interview with Kingsley Gallup granddaughter of the world famous Gallup Poll

Kingsley Gallup, MA, LPC, NCC, DCC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, Distance Credentialed Counselor, and Certified Mediator. Her practice, The Gallup Institute for Personal Freedom, aims to promote personal freedom through counseling, education, and advocacy, as well as equip clients with positively-framed tools for personal advancement.
Curiosity about the human condition and a passion for social service come naturally (or, perhaps genetically) to Kingsley. Her grandfather, Dr. George H. Gallup, founded the Gallup Poll. Kingsley inherited a characteristic hunger that runs through the Gallup family. It’s the hunger to know what people think and feel and the desire to help people use this information for their own betterment. Kingsley is deeply committed to meeting people where they are, empowering and equipping them to live the lives they were designed to live.


Find Additional Books Podcasts with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio

Over the last fifteen years, Kingsley has served diverse populations, including incarcerated women, to whom she taught self-esteem and parenting classes; victims of natural disasters, with whom she did crisis intervention work; clients with HIV/AIDS, on whose behalf she helped run a wish-granting foundation; addicts and their loved ones, with whom she facilitated interventions; and clients of all ages seeking freedom from inauthentic living. Much of Kingsley’s professional experience centers on The Meadows, a world-renowned residential treatment center for addictive and affective disorders in Wickenburg, Arizona, where she worked side-by-side with many of her heroes in the field.
For more information about Kingsley Gallup and the Personal Freedom Institute visit:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Live Global Freedom Network Interview on his Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds

Roy Dan Baron Live Global Freedom Network Interview on his diary (available in 2 parts on Kindle & paperback on called Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds. The Kindle and paperback version are available on in many different countries.


Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Some Guy Talking on BlogTalkRadio

Roy Dan Baron is the author of Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds personal diary (using the pen name My Human Compassion). His diary is available on Kindle and Paperback on

This diary is eventually meant to become a workshop to help others heal old wounds through First Nation Healing and a reinvention of psychology so that it is taught at a third grade level. He is a well-known public speaker, world traveler, non-profit incubator, and is always on the lookout for new guests on Global Freedom Network.

He is offering himself as a write-in candidate for the United States of America 2014 House of Representatives. His second book called “Looking Glass Shattered 2” will be his diary travels across the world primarily in the regions of Asia and Africa.Roy Dan Baron is Senior Bureau Chief and Executive Producer of Global Freedom Network.

Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal old Wounds has two parts available on Kindle and it is available in this countries:

• Andorra
• Australia (including territories Christmas Island (CX), Cocos Keeling Islands (CC),Heard & McDonald • Islands (HM), and Northfolk Island (NF))
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil*
• Canada
• France
• Great Britain
• Guernsey
• Germany
• India*
• Italy
• Isle of Man
• Japan*
• Jersey
• Lichtenstein
• Luxembourg
• Monaco
• Mexico*
• New Zealand (including territories Cook Islands (CK), Niue (NU), and Tokelau),
• San Marino
• Switzerland
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• United States
• Vatican City

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Live Global Freedom Network w/ guest Allyson Taylor Associate Director American Jewish Congress & Stand With us



Online Women Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio
Allyson Taylor is the Co-founder of is an international, nonprofit organization supporting Israel around the world. We enable people throughout the world to proudly stand up for Israel. StandWithUs is dedicated to informing the public about Israel and to combating extremism and anti-Semitism. We believe that knowledge of the facts will correct common prejudices about the Arab-Israeli conflict and will promote discussions and policies that can help promote peace in the region. Through print materials, speakers, programs, conferences, missions to Israel, campaigns, and internet resources, we ensure that the story of Israel's achievements and ongoing challenges is told on campuses and in communities, the media, libraries, and churches around the world.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, StandWithUs has 17 offices and chapters worldwide. Allyson Taylor is the Associate Director West Coat Region of the American Jewish Congress. She has worked with offices worldwide and worked on issues regarding Israel, Slavery and Issues regarding terrorism worldwide and nationally. She has worked for Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy doing research on Sharia banking.

Allyson worked undercover with the FBI investigating local terrorism monitoring the Muslim Student Union and the Mosques in California. She contributed research to Edwin Black's book Internal Combustion & new book Shariahism by Joy Brighton. She helped start Z Street a organization speaking out on Israel and the US policymakers. Allyson is currently living and working independently in Southern California.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Live Global Freedom Network: Culture with Author and Assoc. Professor Kristin Neff, PhD

Kristin studied communications as an undergraduate at the University of California at Los Angeles (B.A., 1988). She did her graduate work at University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D., 1997), studying moral development with Dr. Elliot Turiel.
Her current position at the University of Texas at Austin started in 1999, and she was promoted to Associate Professor in 2006. During Kristin’s last year of graduate school in 1997 she became interested in Buddhism, and has been practicing meditation in the Insight Meditation tradition ever since. While doing her post-doctoral work she decided to conduct research on self-compassion – a central construct in Buddhist psychology and one that had not yet been examined empirically.
In addition to her pioneering research into self-compassion, she has developed an 8-week program to teach self-compassion skills. The program, co-created with her colleague Chris Germer at Harvard University, is called Mindful Self-Compassion. Her book titled "Self-Compassion" was published by William Morrow in April, 2011.  Kristin was recently featured in the best-selling book & award-winning documentary called The Horse Boy – - which chronicles her family’s adventure with autism. 


Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio

Friday, June 6, 2014

Roy Dan Baron Live: First Nation Healing With Kiowa Tribal Warrior Enoch R Kaulaity

Enoch R. Kaulaity- Pronounced Call uh tee. Full blood Kiowa from Oklahoma. My grandparents from both sides descend from leaders of their respectful bands of the tribe. I am currently finishing up my final year of continued education, seeking a degree in Business Administration.
Currently, taking courses in cultural management, as well international business, working full time as well as taking care of my lfamily. My wife and I have been married for roughly 13 years, two common law, for 15 years of adventure together. Three children, ages 5, 6, 10 two boys and a girl.
I have many views in life, however, with these views usually are my moral or ethical values as a human being. Raised in Christian religions, also in Native American Church, trying to hold onto oral traditions of the Kiowa tribe, looking to continue to find ways to learn and speak the language of the Kiowa’s to save a dying language. A student of tribal history, values different calendars which keep track of the Kiowa’s up to the early twentieth century.
As a student of Business, I have maintained a steady 3.3 gpa and hope to finish with a 3.5 by graduation to earn cum laude. Through the study of business it has helped me grow more in life to understand organizing, as well planning, behavior, and much more. The field of business has allowed me to meet very good people and gaining from others is what has helped to come to see a balance in life.
After graduation, I hope to use the degree to do more, put more time on my website as well as my own writing and podcasting, to reach the level of Sirius XM radio or national air waves. Much thanks to everyone who has helped me grow, and to the Great creator Daw-kee (God), Daw- kyi- eee (God’s son) for the beauty to speak and grow on this earth. A-ho (thank you)

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roy Dan Baron CEO Global Freedom Network w/ Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell

The Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell is Minister Emerita at the First Unitarian church, where she served as Senior Minister for 17 years until her retirement 5 years ago. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Meadville-Lombard Seminary, citing her social justice work. She is an Adjunct Fellow at the Attic Institute, a literary think tank and visual arts studio in Portland, and is on the Adjunct Faculty of Maitripa, a Buddhist College in Portland. Marilyn is the subject of the award-winning documentary film, "Raw Faith", hosted an online radio show, and contributes regularly to Huffington Post. She has authored and edited 10 books, including the groundbreaking poetry anthology of women's sacred poetry, "Cries of the Spirit." She is known as an activist and a public speaker. Marilyn writes full-time, teaches, preaches occasionally, speaks at public events and on the media. She lives on the Willamette River with her husband, local architect George Crandall, and her cat Molly. Her Website is:

New News Podcasts with Roy Dan Baron Live on BlogTalkRadio

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Inside the Ukrainian - Intelligence from Analyst Political Correspondent located within the country of Ukraine


Ukraine do you want the truth or the White House government white wash and what news is being shared on western mainstream media such as CNN Foxnews MSNBC etc?
If you want the usual white wash pulling the wool over your eyes, you shouldn’t read this article. 

Ukraine is not a simple black and white situation: there are a lot of pieces at play on this Grand Chessboard, and to the Average American that just figured out where Ukraine is on the Map, it is going to be a bit complicated. Neo Nazis, real protestors, Victoria Nuland and many more people.
First thing, let’s start with this week: While the ousted President, was told not to use Military on rioters that over took the protestors, the Military was attacking Eastern Cities on Election Day: Slavyansk and Donetsk. 

A school and a hospital have been shelled by the Ukrainian military this week. Things are so dangerous that Crimea has accepted a hundred seventy five children from Slavyansk for what they believe will be a 21 day stay for the children’s safety. So far not what you are hearing on Western Media, is it? 

Donbass has been targeted so hard, they have a # tags on twitter: 

#Savedonbasschildren, #savedonbass

just to mention a couple. 

So why are you not being told the truth? 

Could it be all the shale gas that American companies are after, and have promised the new Ukrainian Government profit sharing?  

Could it be a desperate attempt to keep the Dollar afloat?

Now, that I have you asking these questions, 

I need to inform you of a few facts about the ousting of the President: He was a corrupt man, a very corrupt man, but did not use military on rioters and protesters. 

There were and are Neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector involved in the ousting and the current so called Antiterrorism Operations in the East. President Victor Yanukovych broke down and signed an agreement with the Opposition, stating: That in December they would have snap elections and President Yanukovych would step down, but all the buildings that were occupied needed to be released back to the proper authorities. The Rioters and protestors left the city center, but the very next morning, the rioters came back and flash mobbed the Capital. 

My friends, what would happen if a group of people went to Washington D.C and was throwing Molotov Cocktails at police, secret service, and Government buildings? Do not forget that more than a few of them were armed with guns, shot at the police and blindly into buildings. Our police would shot to kill with no second thoughts at all.
Why could they not wait? Keep in mind that the protesters gathered about not joining the EU. The deal was a trade deal and was a very, very bad trade deal. Most Ukrainians swear up and down they were going to get free EU passports, which was not ever apart of the deal. Rather it stated people were going to need a Visa to go to European Countries within the EU. 

The IMF loan was also a complete joke compared to the Russian loan that was offered. On top of all of that, the EU wanted the pensions to be cut and other austerity measures taken. Russia offered a discount on gas; keep in mind, Ukraine owes billions of US dollars to Russia for gas. The average pensioner gets around $200 a month, so which deal would you take if you where the former President?

This is sort of up rise in Countries that say no to the IMF; Syria was the last country that refused the IMF, and we see what is happening there. That is another can of worms for another day.

I know a lot of you hearing, about the pro-Russian people in the Eastern cities, but the truth is: most are not separatists as you hear, they are of mixed wants: 

Some want to go with Russia, but only if they don’t get a fairly elected Government, some want Ukraine to be less centrally controlled Government, sort of like the United States has State Power and Federal. They are not Russians like the news keep painting them.

What you need to understand is Russia and Ukraine basically, had an open boarder policy until of late. It is very common to have half their families in Russia and the other in Ukraine. 

A lot of open fields that you could have walked across into the other country, without any fence or border guards, miles of land.
One of the problems with Ukraine is that the Oligarchs own all of the News companies and Russian News is banned. Russian Journalists are departed upon arrival is not an uncommon thing. 

Some Ukrainians are completely blinded by what is going on, because they have no one in these Eastern Cities. Some of them believe that if they go with this new Government they will get an EU passport and magically be able to travel to all the countries around the world. In case you missed my point earlier, there will be no EU passports for Ukrainians.

Currently, people in these Eastern cities have buses trying to get women and children to Russia for Safety. A lot of these buses are getting stopped by Ukrainian Border Patrol; despite this, I just read that a group of women with around thirty children walked into Russia after their bus was stopped. 

People are so desperate for their children’s wellbeing that they are sending them to the Country that the Western Media is claiming is the cause of the problem. 

Does that make any sense to you? Not to me either.

This is a global game on gas resources, American gas companies like Chevron are trying to get into Ukraine and sell gas to Europe. Russia is the leader in gas sells around the world, and supplies about 1/3 of all European gas. 

When Victoria Nuland gave the press conference and stated that America had invested 5 billion dollars into “Democratic change” in Ukraine, was standing in front of a Chevron banner. You can find that on YouTube if you don’t believe it. Now Chevron already has a deal for the Western area, but there is a huge amount of shale gas in the Eastern area that has all the fighting going on.

One of the hardest things to explain to an American or European reader is the racist and dehumanizing names being used. 

The Neo-Nazi groups and their liberal fans are calling people in the East Colorados, which is after the Colorado beetle, because of the Orange and black ribbon that they wear, to celebrate the end of WW2. This ribbon has a very long history. It was introduced way back in the Russian Empire, and was awarded to the people, who showed extraordinary bravery and courage during their military service. 

During the soviet times this ribbon was also used on several medals, including the “Star of Glory” medal, which was only given to lower rank soldiers, who showed extraordinary courage during the war. So this ribbon is both the sign of the brave, and is a historical link to the glorious history of the Russian civilization.

The West has always been closer to Poland and those on the East felt closer to Russia. I am seeing on social media sick individuals cheering the deaths of Ukrainians burnt to death in Odessa. There were even photos of people burning beetles with a lighter. People proudly showing Nazi Insignias, getting angry when you point out that the Nazis were evil people. 

You would even get people telling you Stephen Bandera was a great author. Yeah, he wrote about destabilization and terrorism in order to break up a country. Strange thing about them making this claim: If you ask them what he wrote, they won’t be able to name anything. They just were told he was a great writer. 
​So you are probably wondering, why did he just write about Stephan Bandera? Bandera is one of the core figures and heroes of almost all Ukrainian “patriotic” groups. It is notable that in his writings he was openly saying that three main enemies of the Ukrainian nation are Russians (Moskali), Jews and the Polish. 

He also wrote, that none of these people can be employed to do any important job, and if there is no chance to substitute such people with a Ukrainian, e.g. there is only a Jewish doctor in the village, there always must be an ideologically correct Ukrainian patriot behind such person’s back, so he could slit the enemy’s throat, when the time comes.

What does he have to do with anything? The rioters in Kiev: Right Sector and Svoboda where marching with huge posters of Bandera. 

These rioters actually attacked other protestors at Kiev, because they did not share the Neo-Nazi beliefs. After they ousted Yanukovych Svoboda stood in parliament with AK 47s and one of the first votes was to renounce Russian as a language. Most of the MP’s , who did not support Maidan were either physically beaten up, their family members were kidnapped and taken as hostages, their houses and other property was burnt and destroyed. 

On that day there were almost no “non-maidan” deputies in the Parliament, and the maidaners were voting with their confiscated cards under the supervision of armed militants. Standing in parliament with AKS in hand, does not sound very democratic to me. Right Sector has been involved in the burning of people in Odessa, also killing of two anti-maidan activists in Kharkov about two months earlier; and were involved in the Eastern Cities. Allegedly, they shot some Ukrainian soldiers who refused to fire on unarmed citizens. This would not shock me at all, by all the videos I have seen.
On Right Sectors own website, they state that they need to cleanse the world of Russians.
Does this again not seem like another group we read about in the 1930’s?

The writing is on the wall, but too many people are suffering for denial otherwise known as cognitive dissonance.
By your friendly American Rabbit down the hole.  

We have now Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass Shattered the Rabbit hole!!

Learn more about how to looking glass shatter the propogand and how new age thinking is zombie propaganda creating human SHEEP for the slaughter, thusly resulting in the deaths of many people across the world.

Available on kindle and paperback and many countries around the world on kindle.

Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds.

It is banned in China and many other non-free speech countries.